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Project Golden Frog - Maryland Zoo Conservation

Recently The Maryland Zoo's commitment to conservation of Panamanian Golden Frogs was recognized with a prestigious Edward H. Bean Award by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Learn more about the efforts to save this endangered species and the collaborative work being led by The Maryland Zoo to help someday reintroduce Panamanian Golden Frogs into the wild. (2:06)

Saving Panamanian Golden Frogs

The Maryland Zoo is home to the world's largest population of critically endangered Panamanian Golden Frogs. Heidi Ross is the Director of the El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center in El Valle, Panama and works directly with Project Golden Frog to help save this critically endangered species. Heidi recently visited the Zoo to collaborate and learn about the Zoo's extensive breeding program. Heidi and the rest of the team at the El Valle Center are part of the North American effort to one day potentially reintroduce these animals back into the wild. (1:40)